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Interview with Jozef Roszival PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alpári Gergő   
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 12:58
We have recently visited Kincsem Park, where inbetween two races we chatted with Overdose's trainer...

Master, let's start with the most important question, how is Overdose's health?

Unfortunately he has problems with his hoof again. The structure of his hoof was healing and growing well and the last time his forger was here he even got raceshoes put on, but these had to be taken off.

What has happened again, what could have caused the problem? 

The shoing went well, and he was behaving and moving well during trainings afterwards. We are not sure what happened, it is possible that he kicked the wall of his box again, but really this is just guessing.

We know Overdose's bad luck, but do you think the injurys might have a genetic reason?

No absolutely not, this is an illness that can occure because of two reasons. One of them is that he was fed incorrectly in the past and was not trained enough that is to say the energy that he took in was too much, the other reason can be that he was trained too much but this latter is unlikely. 

So what is the case with his future foals? Do you think they can have this illness too?

No, not at all, like I said before this is an illness.

We could see him on the racetrack last time in November of last year in Rome when he won over the Italian's best sprinter Dagda Mor with half a length. After the race, Frankie Dettoi, his jockey, said that he had asked 75% of the horse according to the trainer's wish. Why was this? 

He had sticked to what I asked of him.I had said this because three months before this race he has not raced at all, and we were also preparing for the Dubai sprints so the race in Rome was just for warming him up. But his time was still 2 seconds better than last time when he ran this race and won by 10 lengths. 

When it comes to jockeys, since you have been training Overdose, four different jockeys rode in his saddle. (Gary Hind, Christophe Soumillon, Andreas Suborics and Dettori) Can you say a few words about them? Which one of them was the easiest to work with?

It is not easy to find a good jockey. For example Dettori was available for the race in Rome because he was on holiday. I really like Suborics, but since his accident he is not quite the same he used to be. If Overdose is in a good form it doesn't matter who sits on him and he makes a good match with all of them.

Lot of the fans are guessing after his injury can we talk about an ideal race distance in the case of Overdose?Except of Baden-Baden and Rome he has been racing on 1000 meters, he seems to like and take this distance better.

We decided to choose 1000 meter races because he speeds up fast but we work with him difefrently on 1000 meters and on 1200 meters, the training depends on the upcoming race.

How would you describe Overdose, why is he different than other horses?

He is indeed a little different than the others, it is like he knew he was the best.


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