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We are cheering for Dózi! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pászti Judit Amina   
Monday, 23 March 2009 16:21
"We are cheering for Dózi!" - You wrote us



This is your page. Here you can write down your personal experiences in connection with Dózi, you can message him or his owner, or you can simply share with the other fans why you like him, and why you think he is special.  


"HOORAY FOR OVERDOSE! Next stop the Nunthorpe where he'll make his opponents want not to have shown up!! :D" (Aaron Parr)


"Here he is, finally after 15 months... and as they say, he will be better for the run. Go Dozi go!!(John Marsicovetere)


"Mr. Overdose - you have a huge fan club here in America. We watch your every move and are very proud of you!!!XXOO ( Sally Spencer, Las Vegas USA)



"The coming of a giant on racecourses! I haven't seen a horse like him since Secretariat! Good wishes to Overdose!(Maggie Creighton from Australia)



"This video is dedicated to all horse fan, especially my friend Barbi who loves Overdose."( Eva Kerekesi from Hungary)





"Kincsem Park was great!! Have never seen so many people on a race track before! 20000, just imagine- and I was one of them! I met Zoltan and got a great autograph!! I really like him- he´s so friendly! I loved what he said to New York Times about selling Overdose: "You don´t sell dreams!"(Marie Kjölbye from Austria)



"COMING!!!!!!!!!OVERDOSE!!!!!Cant wait till may...Meet u here DÓZI!!!Royal Ascot,New Market...My precious!!!!Who gonna beat him?????????With Soumillon???12 run,12 victory...And how!!!!COME ON SON!!!!!!!" (Adam Novak from England)



"I am a British journalist from The Racing Post newspaper. I have written many pieces for the Racing Post on Overdose, including a big feature last October. I would love to join the Overdose Fan Club!We are all looking forward to seeing Overdose run in England!
Keep up the excellent work!

Minden jot!

Neil Clark,


Wow!This is such an honour to have people like Neil in the Club! Thank You!


"OVERDOSE gives me the heebie-jeebies!!!Phenomanal racehorse, wonderful athmosphere - a real pleasure to watch the video again and again and again ....(Sabine Effgen, Germany)



"We all know Dózi had problems with his front legs and had to be reshoed couple of days before the race. However after 400 meters he lost one of his horse shoes and run the rest of the distance with 3 horse shoes only, still has managed a field record!!! Isn't this really a miracle????" (Amina from Hungary)



"Another effortless victory by a truly phenomenal racehorse . The race time of 52.6 is at least 3 seconds quicker than any where in Australia . Seems like he has rekindled the interest in horse racing in Hungary judging by the crowd. Hope he comes down under. Would love to see this speed machine in the flesh"   (John Marsicovetere from Australia)


"What a brilliant win and well done to all connections. Great crowd and absolutely fantastic to see Overdose getting standing ovations. Hats off ! Soumillion even threw his helmet in the crowd, like he did after winning the Arc. Hungary certainly has one hell of a racehorse at his hands!" (Catrin Nack from London)


"Yeeeeppp! He won!!!! Congratulations....I really hope he will be as "boring" as Schumacher was XD ;)
I decided, will go to Manchester.( I'll do my best.) (Kitti Sóvári from Leeds)



" Everyone in Germany LOVES this horse! He's also a German champion!" Ilka Gansera (Germany)



" I am very very glad to be in this club. It is unbelievable how this horse unite people together. Mr. Mikoczy is also Slovak, so for all of us, here in Slovakia is Overdose like "ours" (Gabika Francisty from Slovakia)



"America loves an underdog, so GOOD LUCK Overdose, we are pulling for you!!!
You prove that you don't need to be the best looking or have brought the most money at Newmarket- you just need to have a big heart. Maybe just nostalgia, but you remind me of one of our heroes- the great Seabiscuit." Erika Schumacher (USA)



" I was at Longchamp as foreign correspondent for the Daily Racing Form in the U.S. on the day he was denied the Prix de l'Abbaye. He could very well be the best sprinter in the world.  I have also had the pleasure of being at Kincsem Park for the Hungarian Derby in 2006. Count me a fan of Overdose and Kincsem as well. Good luck to Overdose and to your club on the 19th! " Alan Shuback



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