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Racing history





02.06.2007 Race for two-year-old maiden stakes at 1000 metres /first runner-up


Overdose’s first run was in a race for maiden stakes at the Kincsem Park in Budapest, Hungary. He set the field record for 1000 meters at 0:58 and finished an amazing 18 lengths ahead of his competition. Fans were amazed by what they saw, since no one thought a two- year-old maiden horse would get the highest score on the day of the well-known Alag Prize.


The order of running home: Overdose (18)-Femme Fatale (4)-Vitulus

Jockey: Martin Srnec 


22.07.2007 Cena OTP Banky-Cena Muscatita I. category 1200 meters /first runner-up


For the second time, Overdose faced the starting gate in Bratislava in the Slovakian Derby, a traditional race for two-year-olds. He was again in a great form and he finished 6 lengths ahead of the next horse from the Czech Republic. This same horse he beat later won a Czech race for two-year-olds with a total prize of 1 million Czech Crowns. Overdose’s running time in this race was 1:12,02 which meant he broke another field record! After this fantastic performance, the Hungarian anthem was played in Slovakia for the first time, much to the delight of his Hungarian owner.   


Order of running home: Overdose (6)-Addison (2)-Amarna

Jockey: Martin Srnec  


09.09.2007 Graf Nikolaus Esterhazy Memorial L. Freudenau 1200 metres/First runner-up


After his win in Slovakia, he captured another win at the distance of 1200 meters at an event in Austria held on the field of the legendary Freudenau. Several of his competitors in this race were of excellent pedigree from Germany, a region well-known for thoroughbreds of very high quality. While Overdose’s competition was sizeable and many placed their bets on his German competition, it was too soon that their bets would prove unwise. From the starting gate, Overdose raced his heart out, winning his victory by 13 lengths. Like his excellent finish in Bratislava, the other horses couldn’t even come close to him. This performance has since attracted the attention of several German horse experts and only added to his international acclaim as a top racehorse. 


Order of running home: Overdose (13)-Ceodora (3/4)-Dajolie

Rider: Piotr Krowicki 


30.09.2007 St. Laszlo Prize Gd-2 1400 m / First runner-up


After several achievements abroad, he appeared again at Kincsem Park in Budapest. This time he ran for the St. Laszlo Prize in a race listed as Gd 2, for 2 year olds. By now Overdose was a big favourite among his five rivals on the course that day. From the starting gate, Overdose gained such an amazing advantage over the others he won by an incredible 16 lengths! With this victory he proved he is of the highest calibre in Central-Eastern European horseracing.  

Order of running home: Overdose (16)-Overplay (1 ¾)-Nazim

Jockey: Martin Srnec 


21.10.2007 C.E.C.C. Futurity Gr. 1(AUT) 1300 (Ebreichsdorf) / First runner-up


Overdose’s 5th race was again in Austria, this time at the Ebreichsdorf race track for the Central-European Challenge Cup Futurity. Even with a grand prize of 20.000 Euros, there were few who pursued him. Overdose earned another great victory with an exceptional performance. It was now without doubt that Overdose had become the best 2 year-old in the region in 2007. 


Order of running home: Overdose (8)-Over Play (2 3/4)-True Belle

Rider: Zdenko Smida


A recap of what happened in 2007:


  • 5 wins out of 5 starts (100%)

  • Field record at the Kincsem Park (1000 meters, turf)

  • Race record in Slovakia

  • Race record in Hungary

  • Ranking list leader among two-year-olds





06.04.2008 Preis vom Marchfeld 1100 metres (Ebreichsdorf-AUT) / First runner-up


At the age of three, he continued his excellent career where he left off. His 2008 season started in Ebreichsdorf, where he captured the Prize vom Marchfeld. Despite the fact that he was the only three-year-old in the race, and was competing against older horses at 1100 meters, he continued his splendid march, and swept the race again by 6 lengths.


Order of running home: Overdose (6)- Special Key (1 ¼)- Rajeef Ashog

Rider: Piotr Krowicki


18.05.2008 Lanson Cup L. 1200 metres (Baden-Baden-GER) /First runner-up


Now, with 6 victories behind him already, his owners chose a race for him farther west. This time Overdose faced the starter on the historic race field of Baden-Baden for a run at the Lanson Cup. In this listed race, there were only German rivals and the distance was 1200 meters. He won by 9 lengths—never seen before in a German sprint race! From this day, the German media referred to him as, “the Hungarian Wonder Horse,” comparing him to the world-famous Hungarian horse Kincsem. The Racing Post honoured his performance with the high score of 115, and his value continued to grow.


Order of running home: Overdose (9)- Laokoon (162) Lips Arrow

Jockey: Piotr Krowicki


01.06.2008 Cena Ministerstva Podohospodárstva SK Rep. Gd3 1200 m (Bratislava-SVK) /First runner-up


Two weeks after his seventh sizeable victory, Overdose competed once again in on Hungary’s northern neighbour in Bratislava, Slovakia. In this international sprint race he was the only three-year-old to compete against the region’s older sprinters. Once again the region’s best horses couldn’t come close to “the Hungarian Wonder Horse” as he finished the field 8 lengths ahead of his nearest pursuer, Varosbiro, another horse from Hungary.  His time was 1:10,09—the best running time in 20 years.  


Order of running home: Overdose (8)- Városbíró (by neck) Sunshine Rheinberg

Rider: Piotr Krowicki


05.07.2008 Lotto-Hamburg-Trophy Gr. III 1200 m (Hamburg-GER) / 1st runner-up


Overdose’s ninth appearance was again at the German Derby weekend in Hamburg. It was the biggest sprint of the derby held that Saturday, in which Overdose was again the youngest in the race, listed Gr. III at 1200 meters. He had a new jockey this time, Andreas Suborics, who did a wonderful job that day. After a fast start, he took the lead and rode home at a gallop. Even though Overdose was not at 100% health prior to the race, he still won this considerable race without a doubt. His win added to his celebration in Germany as a top-notch racehorse and the Hungarian Wonder mania continued to spread. 


Order of running home: Overdose (1 ½)-Abbadjinn- (3/4)- Mariol

Rider: Andreas Suborics


31.08.2008. Golden Peitsche  Gr. II 1200 m (Baden-Baden-GER) / 1st runner-up


After a short rest, the next stop in Overdose’s career was at Germany’s biggest sprint race, the Goldene Peitsche, listed as Gr. II. It was a small, but quite strong competition, including two well-known sprinters from England. The location was again Baden-Baden, on which Overdose was chosen as the favourite. For the 10th time in a row Overdose put on a great show. At the start he jumped to the head field, staying there until the very end, bringing the “Golden Peitsche” (the golden whip) home to Hungary. His running time was 1:08,21 which was the third fastest time in the history of the hundred-year-old race. The Racing Post increased Overdose’s score to 116 RPR. Thus, Overdose had accomplished an amazing record of 10 for 10! 


Order of running home: Overdose (2/ 1/2)-Abadjinn (1 /1/4) –Starlit Sands

Rider: Andreas Suborics


05.10.2008 Prix de l’Abbaye de Longchamp Gr. I. 1000 m (Paris-Longchamp)


After the Golden Peitsche, Overdose returned home to Alag, Hungary, to prepare for the biggest challenge of his life: the Prix de l’Abbaye de Longchamp. This is one of Europe’s greatest sprint races held on the same weekend as the famous Prix de’l Arc de Triomphe in Paris. This was the first Group I category test for Overdose, but his 10 victories made him a highly respected competitor. Many betting offices put him at the first place, before such horses that have already ran in respected English races of Gr. I. with good results. Overdose bore up well against the 1700 km long journey from Hungary to France and arrived in a great form at Longchamp.

However, a tragedy struck the field that day. The starting box for the horse Fleeting Spirit did not open, so the race was declared null. Suborics, the jockey of Overdose, did not realize this and Overdose ran until the end at his full racing speed. Even though he made a field record again (54.2) the French organizers did not acknowledge his results. Three hours later the race was repeated, but Overdose would not be raced again that day. Thus, his rival, Marchand D’ Or was announced as the official winner. Even still, Overdose maintained his reputation as an elite race horse and the world’s press acknowledged Overdose to be the moral winner of the race. With this record-breaking performance, he was invited to the big Hong-Kong sprint race held in mid-December.


Order of running home: declared null

Jockey: Andreas Suborics


16.11.2008. Premio CEF Aloisi Group III. Rome, Italy / 1st runner up


After the disaster at the Prix de l’Abbaye de Lonchamp, the entire Hungarian horseracing community was in shock. How can such thing happen?! Never-the-less, there was no break for Dózi (Overdose’s “barn name”) as he continued his training at full speed! His managers and his owner Mikóczy continued to consider the invitation to race in Hong Kong, but in the end they decided not to expose him to the twenty-hour-long flight and several weeks of quarantine. Since he was still in fantastic form, they decided to race him one more time in the season—this time in Rome at the Premio Carlo & Francesco Aloisi. Due to a strike that ended only a few days before the race, several horses were enrolled and this time the rivals don’t back up. They regret is later because Overdose won this race again by 10 lengths, despite carrying the most weight on the field! He was so far ahead the cameramen couldn’t even get Overdose and the rest of the pack in the same photograph frame.


With this race Overdose closed his three-year-old season in 2008:


  • 6 starts-6 wins (100%), in which of course the annulled Paris race is not included
  • A racing post form of 123
  • A score of 126 from Timeform Magazine


At the end of 2008, nearly 10.000 people celebrated Overdose’s success at the Budapest Horse Show with a standing ovation. Adults and children alike ran to the barricades to see “the Hungarian Wonder Horse” and take pictures of him. On the eve of trotting held 31st December at Kincsem Park in Budapest, he was introduced to the crowd one more time where he was without doubt a bigger sensation than even the trotting horses! According to a poll carried out by Figyelőnet, he is widely known as the Hungarian sport figure of the year, edging ahead of sport men and olympic gold medal winners, like Cseh László and Vajda Attila. The Nemzeti Sport magazine also reported that he is the favourite among newcomers in all sporting events, even beating Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel and the star of the 2008 Football European Championship, Andrej Arsavin. While horse racing fan and humorist Tivadar Farkasházy has already written a book on Overdose’s career, television producer András Kepes has began shooting a documentary film about him in the fall of 2008. Obviously Overdose, “the Hungarian Wonder Horse,” will be in the centre of attention in 2009!




19.04.2009. OTP-Hungarian Grand Prize - Gd1 - Kincsem Park, Budapest, 1000 m


Overdose spends the winter as a well known celebrity. The bible of this sport, Racing Post, calls him the Budapest Bullet and also reffers to him as the Sprint Sensation. After all this time Overdose finally gets the attention of the Hungarian media as well. He becomes a Hungarian superstar and new articles appear on him every day even in gossip magazines. There is quite a big pressure on his owner, Zoltán Mikóczy, who announces at New Year's Eve, that Dózi would start the new season on his home ground at the Kincsem Park in Budapest. According to original plans he was supposed to race first in 2009 towards Easter in Munich. During the process of getting new horse shoes just a few days before the race Overdose suffers a slighter foot injury. The reason for this is probably the presence of 7-8 cameras all wanting to get as close as possible to the forger. There is a never before seen press interest as the superstar belgian jockey Christophe Soumillon is to be seen in the saddle of Overdose. The Kincsem Park is jam-packed and has not seen such a crowd and public celebration since the race of Imperial. Overdose wins hands down with 8 lengths and the whole world is watching, praising articles appear on the frontpage of the New York Times, La Gazetta and Le Figaro. Four days after the race the press is still loud from the victory and Racing Post publishes the odds of Coral betting office, according to which Overdose is the top favourite for both Ascot races.


Order of running home: Overdose -(8)- Spinning Crystal -(5)- National Nice

Jockey: Christophe Soumillon


18.07.2010.07. Cena Mysa - Listed - Bratislava, Slovakia 1000 m


Right after the race in Kincsem Park in April, unfortunatelly problems occured. Overdose won, but lost a horse shoe during the race. A few days later he was diagnosed with laminitis, which illness can be fatal in some cases and can lead to the death of a horse if not treated in time. Overdose is transported back and forth around Europe as part of a rehabilitation process and so he ends up missing out all important races in 2009. He is slowely but surely sliding down the world lists. Fortunatelly toward the end of 2009, his condition is continously getting better and better. Even in 2010 he is being hold back his trainer is no longer Sándor Ribárszki but a good friend of Zoltan's the slovakian Jozef Rosival. The spring finally finds a healthy Overdose in Alag, but he is still not in such physical condition to face a challenge in Ascot or to try to run for the July cup. The management talks about the possibility of a comeback on homegrounds in the Kincsem Park again on the day of the Hungarian Derby but Zoltán Mikóczy decides not to risk the horse's health. Two weeks later however Overdose shows that he is ready and is asking for a race so the team enrolls him in a race in Bratislava, Slovakia on the derby day. Hundreds of Hungarian horse race lovers and Overdose fans are heading towards Bratislava to see their favourite horse return to the race track and cheer for him on the spot. Overdose wins for the 13th times but after missing out 15 months he is not showing such a good form as before. He is just half lenghts ahead of Boschka the second runner up and this result is far from his former results and is far from the world's sprint elite. But what is the most important after all is that he seems to be healthy and he can still race.
The order of running home: Overdose -(1/2)- Boschka -(nyak) - Another True Story
Jockey: Gary Hind 


15.08.2010. Bestens-Pannónia Prize - Listed - Budapest, Kincsem Park  1000 m


Zoltán Mikóczy felt relieved.  Overdose has returned to the race track with a victory. However this race divided the horse race professionals in Hungary. Gary Hind didn't ask much of the wonder horse in the race but at the end it was a close call, Boschka came very close to Overdose in the finish. Boschka a few weeks earlier run in dead last in the Flandorffer Tamás Memorial Prize at Kincsem Park, so many actually thought and raised the question: Is this the same Overdose as before? The only thing they seemed to be  forgetting that thos horse has literally came back from death. His management announced he would face the starting gate 15th August once again at Kincsem Park, in the meanwhile he was working and training continously.  

Because of the entrance fee and less promotion, the fiesta that there was last year did not happen again, but still about 5000 people showed up at the park to see Overdose run. But those who stayed away could feel sorry because Overdose was flying this time, unlike in Bratislava. He was a different horse at Kincsem Park than in Bratislava and made a remarkable 10th lenghts victory. Mikóczy was even more delighted by this result and he thought with this running time (56,4) and this form it was time they head to Germany, to take part on its biggest sprint race, the Goldene Peitsche, which was Overdose's hardest race in 2008. Despite of his injury Overdose was still popular this was proven by the fact that the jockey, Gary Hind received a phone call from Frankie Dettori while having dinner, who was enquiring on how Overdose performed that day.


Order of running home: Overdose -(10)- Spinning Crystal -(5/4) - Saldenzar


Rider: Gary Hind 


29.08.2010.Goldene Peitsche - Gr. II  1200 m - Baden-Baden


After his race in Budapest, everyone knew that compared to his run in Pozsony, it was a definite improvement, but no one knew how big of an improvement this really meant in his form. Even the professionals who calculate the forms of horses had a problem to tell where Overdose was really at that point.Just 10 days later Overdose left for the town where he got the nick name Wunderpferd (Wonder horse), this town was Baden Baden, most correctly the race track of Iffezheim. Dózi was welcomed there as a world celebrity. The press would not give a free minute to the owner and the team. Zoltán Mikóczy had the opinion that time: "They show so much affection that they are sort of not letting us breath here!" The horse however was closed away from the press and reporters couldn't get a glimpse at him so that his training could go on without interruption. Everyone was very curious, the interest in Overdose was enourmous, especially the organisers wanted to see how he would perform since they were expecting a huge crowd just because of Overdose's presence. Back than Kincsem, the most famous Hungarian race horse was also to be seen here, so the situation was not new to them. Some german celebrities previously indicated that they would want to be present at the races because of Overdose. The slow pathe of life in small Iffezheim was stirred up because of the arrival of a horse.

In the days prior to the race Overdose was showing no signs that would make the team worry about his condition in any way. On the day of the race he showed up in the ring and so did the star jockey Christophe Soumillon because of whom the journalists were pushing each other all over. Everything went smoothly until they walked up to the starting gate. At this point, for some reason  Overdose lost his mind at the gate and put on a show like never before. He refused to race and throw his jockey off his back 3 times. The staff at the gate needed all his strength to force him into the starting box. This circus went on for 8 minutes before the race could begin and probably this fight took a lot out of Overdose and worn him out as well. He took the turn first but when the others made a final spurt Overdose got tired out and couldn't show more. 

For the first time in his life he saw a horse ahead of him in a race, which also effected him emotionally and was only 7th to run in. A dream was shattered. The unbeaten record was broken. We also need to mention that Dózi could have run in at a better position if Soumillon was not holding him back at the very end, he was a professional and didn't hurt the horse once they lost chance. Overdose's relapse was shown by the fact that a horse named Contat was fighting for the first place in this race, the horse that  two years ago, in the same race was 8 lengths behind Overdose. This defeat in Baden was ranked with 123 by the judges of Racing Post so it could have been stated: Overdose in september 2010 was very far from his top form and where he used to be two years ago. 


Order of running home: Amico Fritz - (0,5)- Contat - (3/4) - Gilt Edge Girl.....

Overdose 7. 5,5 lengths behind the winner


Jockey: Christophe Soumillon


17.14.2011.Hoppegartener Fliegerpreis (C cathegory)  1000 m - Hoppegarten

With the first defeat a dream was shattered. At the same time a big burden was taken off the shoulders of the owner and management. Later, everyone understood that Overdose was trying to show that he didn't wish to race that day in Baden Baden. But there was nothing that could have been done at that point. In that  season  no other race was waiting for him although there was one that could have been good for him however the team decided not to race him again but let him have a rest and start to prepare for the new season and the challenges of what 2011 might bring. And so it happened. During the winter we got encouraging news on his health and his form and even after horseshoeing the usual sensitiviness of his feet did not appear. In the meanwhile among the sprinters a new wonder horse a new pretender showed up called Black Caviar. Usually reffered to as the successor to Overdose from Austalia. Black Caviar on the top of that is a mare and of course has not started her carrier just now but she draw the attention of horse race fanatics after her 10th victory. She has remained undefeated and has already won five Group 1 races.

Horse race lovers and Overdose fans had been eagerly waiting for Overdose's first run in 2011, that took place 17th April in Berlin, on the racetrack of Hoppegarten. Well, Overdose has not been a dissappointment to us this time.  Even though the competitors were weak, he earned his 15th victory winning by 6 lenghts. The style he showed here was promising. His comeback made headlines all over the world. The next day Overdose has returned to his home in Alag, Hungary and started to prepare for one of his biggest challenges the Temple Stakes which shall be held middle May in Haydock Park, England.  


Order of running home: Overdose - (6) - Shot to Nothing - (2) - Sapphire 


On his back: Andreas Suborics

2011.06.14 - King's Stand Stakes - Gr I. 1000 méter - Royal Ascot, Anglia


A viszonylag szerényebb helyezési számot kicsit csalódottan fogadta a tulajdonosi kör. A szakma azonban sem idehaza, sem Angliában nem írta le Overdose-t. Köztudott: a sprinterek mezőnyében szinte nincs két egymást követő versenyt nyerni tudó telivér. A rajongók abban bíztak: a három hét angliai tartózkodás meghozza a várt javulást. Nem sok kellett hiszen ha nagy javulást nem tételezünk fel a riválisokról, Overdose-nak 4 kilós plussz kellett. (Nagyon sarkítva: 1 kg=1 hossz) Ascot előtt azonban ő már nem a magyar csodaló volt, hanem egy induló a sokból. Naná, hiszen a királyi meeting első napján, előtte Goldikovát, mögötte az angol csodalovat, Frankelt is startgépbe szólították. 1914-ben Adular megnyerte már a King's Stand Stakest. 97 év után viszont újra volt magyar ló Ascot szent gyepén. Már a jártatóban látszódott: "Ez" nem a haydocki Overdose. Valóban. Régi szép napjait idézően robbant ki a startgépből. Vezette a mezőnyt és csak az utolsó métereken adta meg magát. Negyedik. Egy és negyed hosszra a győztes Prohibit-től, aki ez egyetlen európai ló előtte. Akik Haydock Parkban előtte voltak, azok most (a nyerő kivételével) mind csak a hátsóját látták. Egy szuper ausztrál és egy olyan hongkongi telivér a dobogón, aki legutóbb Sacred Kingdomot verte. Mámor! A Magyar Lóversenyzés egyik legnagyobb sikere. Overdose tehát Kincsem és Adular nyomában és végre Gr1-ben bizonyíthatott. A versenyt követően azonban hamar kijózanodtunk. A Gr1-es szinten való versenyeztetés hatalmas költségekkel jár, amit Mikóczy Zoltán egyedül nem tud vállalni. Öt magyar multicég társtulajdonos a lóban, de a költségeket nem vállaják, igaz a bevételek is Mikóczyt illetik. Két nappal a verseny után Overdose elindult megszokott, alagi otthonába

Rider: Andreas Suborics 

Order of running in: Prohibit - (0,5) - Star Witness - (0,5) - Sweet Sanette .... Overdose 4. 1 1/4 hosszra a nyerőtől





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